CNT MACHINES is able to supply a wide range of products, new or second hand, realized to meet the different needs on woodworking: from furniture complement (chairs and tables) to frames (presses), from listellar elements production (panels, beams) to furniture in general.

CNT MACHINES produces woodworking machines for chairs, tables, infancy beds, on customer requests, on our design, on customer design.

We produce vertical presses for the realization of beams, panels, table legs and similar components, with the bonding of listellar elements.

The range is divided by light and heavy series, besides the working lengths.

In the last years CNT MACHINES is acquiring sale representation of primary European brands, with the objective to improve more and more the customer service.


We have a warehouse of second hand machines that are revised directly by our technicians to put them on sale with functioning warranty.

We also modify and custom the products by custom’s request.

Our competence plus the guarantee of a reliable second hand.

Over time CNT MACHINES made collaborations with italian and european partners for the proposal of second hand machinery, in order to offer the customer the real possibility to find on CNT MACHINES the most suitable equipment for his needs.


We also follow the sale of tools, abrasives and necessary materials to optimize the production.